Fri, 04/10/2015 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Clio Society Presents: Dr. Nicholas Breyfogle, "Russia and the Race for the Arctic"

Location: Ohio Union, Rosa Ailabouni Room, 1739 North High St., Columbus

Contact: Janelle Henderson

Global climate variations have caused unprecedented changes to the Arctic environment, especially a rapid decrease in the summer sea ice sheet. While perilous to the survival of the iconic polar bear, many humans are watching these changes with an eye to what riches an open Arctic Ocean might bring forth: in oil and gas, mining, and open-water transportation. Five countries can lay claim to the potential wealth of the Arctic Ocean: Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia, and the United States. But it is Russia and Canada in particular that have jumped out to the early lead in this new race for the Arctic. In this talk, Nicholas Breyfogle explores Russia's long history in the Arctic and the roots of its current assertive policies in the region.

Directions to the Ohio Union.

For our friends not affiliated with OSU, parking passes will be provided for those who RSVP here by April 6.


Thu, 04/30/2015 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Clio Society Presents: Dr. Scott Levi, "Caravans: Indian Merchants on the Silk Road"

Location: The Ohio Union Cartoon Room 2, 1739 North High St., Columbus, OH 43210

Contact: Janelle Henderson

More than a century ago, Russian Orientalists advanced a number of erroneous assumptions about Central Asian history that even today remain embedded within the “Silk Road” paradigm. This presentation illustrates how this received wisdom continues to shape our understanding of early modern Central Asian history, and how recent work in Indian history demonstrates the need to rethink these longstanding ideas and approach historical work on the Silk Road with a more critical perspective. The presentation draws on Scott Levi’s more than fifteen years of work on the subject, which has culminated in the recent publication his new book, Caravans: Indian Merchants on the Silk Road (Penguin, 2015).